JanoKitesurfing Instructor
Jano is the founder of Kitebirds. He is responsible for the organization and coordination of the kitesurfing lessons. He speaks English and German. In 2008, he started kitesurfing. He has been working as a Kitesurfing Instructor in Germany, Portugal, Brazil and Mauritius. Besides being passionate about kitesurfing, he loves traveling, what led him to beautiful and well hidden places all over the world. Getting in touch with foreign cultures, made him become an even more open-minded person, full of experiences and great memories.
MarinaKitesurfing Instructor
Marina is co-founder of Kitebirds. She is looking forward to meet great people and teach them to fly like a Kitebird. She speaks Swissgerman, German, English and French. Her cheerful and warm nature is magically bringing a smile to everyone’s face. Since 2012, she is kitesurfing in different countries, such as Australia, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Portugal or Mauritius. She also loves to travel the world and to feel free like a bird.